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What We Do

There's a million fad diets out there and an equal number of “experts”. With so much information, good nutrition can seem complex. We promise it doesn’t have to be.

We provide nutrition counseling for the every day person. No complicated diets. No obsessive measuring. No total restrictions. Just science-based nutrition advice for people interested in taking control of their health. Our specialties include:

Weight Loss and Health Coaching

Nutrition Counseling

Muscle Growth and Maintenance

Body Composition

Type 1 Diabetes Nutrition

Plant-Based Eating

Lifestyle Medicine

Wellness Coaching 


Eating well and living better doesn't have to be complicated.

Our Team


Brittany Verras, MPH, RD, LD


Nicole Eide, MS, RD, LD

*Plant-based nutrition is not a requirement to work together! We work with everyone on their goals and the foods they are comfortable with. 


Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner


Specialties: Weight Management, Chronic Disease, Athletics, Sports, Muscle Gain, Fat loss,

Plant-based or Vegan Nutrition*, Type 1 Diabetes, Lifestyle and Wellness.


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Specialties:  GI Disorders, Neurology Conditions, Lifestyle Change, Weight Management, Plant-based or Vegan Nutrition*, and Lifestyle. 


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