Please review the following policies below and digitally sign to proceed. 

Effective May 2020

I am scheduling counseling services with Powered by Plants, LLC for information and guidance about nutrition, lifestyle and related behaviors to support my personal health goals.


I understand that Brittany Verras, Owner of Powered by Plants, LLC, or any employees of Powered by Plants, LLC, is a Registered Dietitian and does not diagnose medical conditions nor prescribe any treatments. Instead, I will be provided with information and resources to enhance my knowledge of health as it relates to nutrition including dietary supplements (i.e. vitamins), and behavioral/lifestyle modifications.  


Nutritional evaluation and assessment provided in counseling is not intended for the diagnoses of disease. These assessments may serve as a guide to appropriate programs for me, or to monitor progress with health goals that I determine with guidance from counseling.


I agree to hold Powered by Plants, LLC and Brittany Verras or her contract RDs, harmless for claims or damages in connection with our work together. This is a release of potential liability.

I understand and agree to pay the session invoice in full prior to our appointment. This payment must be processed immediately upon receipt  or can be completed using a digital payment method (Venmo, Zelle, PayPal) prior to the appointment (please arrange for this ASAP with the RD you are working with). If I do not show up for my appointment or I cancel with less than 24 hours of notice, I am NOT entitled to a refund and I forfeit the entire cost of the session. Cancellations provided 24 hours in advance will receive a refund minus any processing fees that the credit card management system charges. 

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact the owner at or by phone 678-575-5089.

Acknowledgement Confirming Receipt of Cancellation and Payment Policies

I acknowledge I have reviewed and agree to the above payment and cancellation policies. By typing your full name you are digitally signing and agreeing that you have received this notice and agree.