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Weight management is an important part of living fully. It isn't the ONLY aspect but it allows a person to do more and for longer. It means enjoying a 30 minute walk with your kids; a comfortable flight to a vacation city; sleeping well; or dancing all night at a wedding. Can people with overweight or obesity do those things listed? Surely! But, based on the hours of weight support groups and sessions I've participated in, they aren't as comfortable. This isn't a weight shaming website but it isn't a gloss over the realities either - life is tough for people of a certain size and we can acknowledge that. If weight loss or weight management is an aspect of health you're interested in, read on to understand how plant-based eating promotes a healthy weight without counting calories or being restrictive. 

Calorie Density

Plant-based foods are nutrient dense but calorie low to moderate. This means that for the calories you are eating, you are getting a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, and fiber all of which help fuel your body and health. Animal based or processed foods are the opposite: calorie dense but nutrient deficient. You get fewer vitamins, minerals and little to no fiber in these. Other than calories, they aren't helpful. "How does this help weight"' you may ask. Here's a great Forks Over Knives infographic to help show how the more plant-based foods you eat, the less unhealthy calories you'll be consuming. 

You don't have to watch how many plant-based foods you eat, or count calories, or weigh them, or log them (unless you want to) to get the benefit of weight balance. With so many plant-based recipes, blogs, meat replacement ideas, and a huge culture building around it, it's the easiest and least stressful way to regain control of your life. I encourage you to start slow, one plant-based meal day a week, or a meatless Monday, or just experimenting with vegetables in the kitchen! Check out blog posting on adopting a plant-based lifestyle page for ideas, tips, and more resources. If you want one-on-one help, contact me today!

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