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Amara Kitchen: Indian in Inman Park

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Restaurant Type: Fun Sit Down

Plant-Base / Healthy Eats Score: 8 out of 10. Not only do they feature a lot of veggies they will let you change the dishes to match your goals. Love the service, the vibe, and the inventive dishes that are a perfect introduction - or revisit - to Indian food.

If you're looking for great Indian food in one of Atlanta's hottest neighborhoods, look no further. Amara Kitchen is SO fun. We've been a few times - once for just cocktails, and twice for dinner. We need to go more. It's got a lot of plant-based options on the menu but there are some dishes with hidden dairy (like the kale masala naan) but our amazing server advised me through the menu once he knew what I was avoiding. I enjoyed Saag with tofu added and roti. You can have veggies as your main on any curry and don't be afraid to ask for a tofu sub for any paneer dishes (that's cheese for you new to Indian food) - they cut the tofu in a similar shape and it substitutes beautifully.

The menu online doesn't show the latest roti options but I had one spiced a bit more than the plain. To begin, we had veggie samosas and, although they were deep fried, we felt good about this indulgence after extra workouts this week. Check out their menu here:

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