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Fast-Food is Coming for Ya!

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

After a fun research project at work, I recruited my genius friend Cecilia to help me research what was in our fast food. She helped me create a quick - and shocking - infographic to give you an idea of what your favorite fast food meals really mean to our through below for an easy fast food solution...

These meals aren't even the worst offenders on the list! We just chose the most common choices. When I was "quitting" fast food, I felt like I had to have my snacks and meals prepped before any time on the road. Now, I like to use grocery stores as my fast-food options. With Google Map's easy search-along-route function, you can find a Whole Foods Hot Bar or Kroger/Publix along the way to avoid inadvertently eating a bunch of junk. I often stop to grab a piece of fruit, a bag of unsalted nuts, and a fizzy (unsweetened) drink. Not only do I feel better upon arrival but it keeps me feeling happy at sticking with my goals and principles to treat myself well. You matter and so does the fuel you choose!

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