Full Commission - Grant Park Eats

Restaurant Type: Sit-Down

Plant-Base / Healthy Eats Score: 7 out of 10. Scoring high for the beautifully crafted LOCAL and whole food menu. Not only did the chef come out to talk me through the plant-based / vegan options but the server was knowledgeable as well.

Phenomenal atmosphere - Full Commission just opened but their attention to detail is what I feel we've been lacking in the all the new restaurants opening. While most are quick to get a menu up and standard drinks, places like Full Commission thought through their vibe, reputation, menu, and how to execute in a sustainable way. I foresee this being a staple go-to for Tim and I on any given night. The chef came out to talk to me about the vegetable preparation as well as described the 50 mile radius the food was sourced in. That makes a huge difference. The plant-based options were limited but didn't feel restrictive. I had the vegetable plate with purple and red potatoes, purple and orange carrots, pearl onions, shiitake mushrooms, and a light sauce. The shiitake mushrooms were so well prepared I was convinced they were a new style I had never had. With peanut hummus, taro-style chips, and peach sorbet, it was a lovely night. Tim enjoyed the Trout and I tried the peas and cauliflower served with it. It was superb. I cannot wait to go back.

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