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Healthy Food at Mercedes Benz Stadium

We go to all the Atlanta United Soccer games and, at first, I was worried that I would have to eat french fries or nothing at all but I have been SUPER impressed with the plant-based/vegetarian/vegan options and how affordable they are. Here's the run down of options for us healthy eaters in order by deliciousness (deliciousness factor is highly personal):

Delia's Vegan Sausage with Sauteed Onions, Peppers, and Comeback (AKA BBQ) sauce - these are in stands along the window-side wall. Each floor has at least one stand. This is done right and is a total splurge when we go. $9 for a HUGE sausage, overflowing with veggies, on a soft bun.

ATL FanFare Vegan Dog - this is the very normal vegan option in any of the big food stands. At only $3, I have been pleasantly surprised that it's topped with chopped fresh veggies. Smaller portion than Delia's but easy to get and super cheap.

Snackology Vegan Box - you can customize this but the standard box has fresh carrots, black rice chips, kale salad, hummus, and chickpea based "chicken salad" or pasta salad. I like to get their "chickpea salad" burger and ask for a side of the kale salad to top it. It's a bit bland but a good option if you want something fresh. Lots of gluten free options, too!

ATL Grill - Quinoa and black bean burger. This had SO much potential but they forgot all the toppings so make sure you get them!! Even with ketchup, it was good, but I just know the fresh veggies promised would have made it ten times better.

ATL FanFare Garbanzo Bean Burger - I thought this tasted pretty great but I am very partial to hummus. If you don't like the chickpea paste, steer clear.

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