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Le Petit Chou - Cabbagetown

Restaurant Type: Casual cafe for breakfast or lunch and delicious crafted sodas

Plant-Based / Healthy Friendly Score: Breakfast is a 4 because the options are limited for true plant-based eating but if you give yourself some wiggle room, delicious. Lunch is TBD.

Cabbagetown is the tiny neighborhood connecting Inman Park via the Krog Street Tunnel. It's eclectic and historic with a few local shops and restaurants off a treacherous should-be-one-way street (ahem, Carroll street. I'm looking at you). Outside the main hangout spot, up Memorial, is Petit Chou. A renovated brick building that housed a million things, it's decorated in pretty wall murals and has an airy patio with big bench style seating and picnic tables. It's cute inside and real hisptery - we saw all kinds there. Black, white, young, old, people we could tell were from LA here visiting for a film I said, all types.

It's always a manageable wait but the service is strong and the vibe energetic. They make these hand cratfted sodas (I had the lavender limeade, which was delightful and not too sweet) and have a limited menu they ask you to not modify. Typical of french food, there is delicious buttery items and boursin and can leave any ingredient off to make it more veg friendly but the ordering items, as is, are pretty restricted to either an American breakfast with no eggs, veggie sausage and potatoes (or grits without butter) and whole wheat toast, OR the Cabbagetown breakfast bowl without egg and with veg sausage. I opted for the avocado toast sans boursin but left the egg. Plant-based MINIMIZES animal products and my plant-based options for this dish were nill. I chose it because it was topped with greens, radish, and avocado - a much easier option for maximizing my veggie intake at the meal. My compromise was a perfectly poached egg. I do not regret it.

I definitely want to go back to check out their lunch menu which boasts a strong ratatouille brimming with veggies. Only a fifteen minute walk from here, plus with a recent bar option, and I think this will be a perfect weekend lunch spot. Check it out! Menu and website here: Cheers!

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