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Muchacho ATL - Fast, Healthy Breakfast and Coffee

Restaurant Type: Fast Casual, Order at Bar

Plant-Based / Healthy-friendly Score: 8. Enough healthy menu options to not feel isolated with flexibility to leave dairy off of other dishes to increase options. Great patio.

So, Muchacho is attached to Golden Eagle and located right off Memorial Dr. I happen to live off Memorial so we frequent it a lot. More than we should, really. It is a tiny, California style taco + coffee shop that has delicious agua fresca, amazing veggie tacos, and some baller grain bowls. And, towering avocado toast. Since avocado toast is something we could make ourselves, I appreciate that they do it super extra. By extra I mean that you actively appreciate that you didn't have to find wild mushrooms, roast them, and then throw together a vinaigrette and slice some radishes to make something as good. Nope. My homemade avocado toast is more like a 100 calorie cup of Wholly Guacamole on some Ezekiel toast. The fact that the frozen bread makes it to the toaster to BECOME toast is effort enough. No classics like pancakes or eggs but it's a fantastic option we appreciate greatly. Especially chillin' on the huge patio with overflowing plants and umbrellas.

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