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So you're spending more time at home...

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Times are sure weird right now... I have to admit, I didn’t think too seriously about COVID-19 when I first heard about it back in December. I just upped the hand sanitizer and was a bit wary of people with colds. Now that it’s shifted to a global isolation model to prevent the spread, I am paying attention and isolating as much as I can (especially as a person with an increased risk!). I am staying busy at home but I know a lot of my friends and family are struggling with what to do with all this time. If you are in that not-sure-what-to-do group, I have a suggestion: practice meal prep, new recipes, or cooking more meals! Everyone’s biggest challenge is always time, so I am thinking we take advantage of being at home and rethink how we approach our weekly nutrition needs.

Today's post is just a quick simple recipe that you can hopefully use to increase your veggies while you're hanging at home. I'll be posting more about how can still maximize nutrition when things are totally different so stay tuned.

Y’all stay safe out there, be good to each other, and feel free to comment if you’re trying any new recipes this week or how your meal prep is going.


Citrus + Herb Avocado Dip

Thank goodness my brother-in-law is amazing chef who comes up with original recipes and shares them with me. I am not what I’d call a chef-dietitian. I am the clinical, nerd-y sort of dietitian who can follow a recipe well but isn’t blessed to create my own. This creamy dip is fiber rich and perfect for veggies, pita, whole grain crackers or to bring a sandwich together. Such a great way to eat more veggies!


Blend the ingredients below together and serve at room temp or chill for an hour.


1 bunch tarragon

1 bunch parsley

1 bunch dill

2 avocados

3 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

2 TBSP rice vinegar

2 lemons zested and juiced

Salt to taste

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