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True Food Kitchen - a Dietitian's Dream

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Restaurant Type: Casual Dressy Sit Down whole food spot - fine in athleisure or dressy jeans.

Plant-Base / Healthy Eats Score: 10 out of 10. True Food is vibrant and offers a ton of full vegan menu items including hard to finds like chocolate desserts, pizzas (with vegan cheese), and inventive vegetable dishes. Not all plant-based dishes need to be tofu or fake meat - they do right by vegetables and fruit like few others.

Y'all - True Food Kitchen should be renamed to True Dream Kitchen. It has all seasonal, local, and whole food menu items plus they offer ample plant-based options (designated by a V on the menu). There's also lots of animal-based options for our non-plant-based friends. They have non-alcohol cocktails for non-drinkers and delicious options from a full bar. It is such an amazing place that all people would feel comfortable eating and I highly recommend it for introducing plant-based dishes to friends or just as a spot to enjoy with a variety of eaters. I've included some of the things I've had but it doesn't even begin to cover everything. From butternut squash pizza, to the most beautiful crudite bowl, to charred cauliflower with harissa tahini - I just can't get enough. Currently, they only have a location in Buckhead at the Lenox mall but it is so worth it. If you know how dedicated I am to avoiding traffic or driving, you know this place MUST be amazing for me to trek to that side of town.

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