Below you will find a full list of the services we currently offer. Clinic appointments are currently held on Thursdays. We also accommodate a limited number of weekend and evening appointments, as well. If you do not see a service listed or are interested in a longer term package, please send us a message using the contact form below. 

Free Consultation


15 Minutes 

Finding the right support team for your health journey is important. 

Let's spend 15 minutes by phone making sure our approach is right for you and that you will be fully supported. We can talk through your current goals, and what you are hoping for and then we will go over how we work, our experience and touch on some solutions. Not the right fit? No problem! We are happy to refer to other providers. We care about you! 

Nutrition and Lifestyle Subscription 

$325 total

3-Month Subscription 

Take your goals to the next level with our 3 month wellness subscription.

Ongoing support is one of the strongest methods for success in making permanent lifestyle changes. You'll receive frequent check ins, personalized guidance, and science backed recommendations all at an affordable price point. 


Your Support Package:

  • 3 1-Hour Inperson Consults (1 per month)

  • 3 Body Composition Tests (if applicable) (1 per month)

  • 90 Minutes of Phone Consults (1 30-minute call per month)

  • 9 Digital Check Points (3 per month)

  • Personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling - Initial


1 Hour

Required for all new clients or for appointment gaps longer than 1 year. 

This session is so important: it's the first step towards a healthier, happier you. After reviewing your medical history, medications, and current lifestyle habits, we will listen to your vision for the future and then create a custom intervention, tailored to you and your specific needs, to help get you there. We are here for two things: to provide expert clinical nutrition guidance and to be your biggest cheerleader. 

Continuing Care - Nutrition and Lifestyle


30 Minutes

Any appointment after the initial consult.

Once we have a plan, many clients like to follow up. These sessions can serve as an accountability tool, a problem solving session, or a chance to track and monitor progress. When a follow up consult is scheduled after an initial, clients have digital access to ongoing questions (like, what's best to order off a specific restaurant menu, or to review a recipe or product). For weight loss, we recommend every 2 weeks or 1 month check-ins until progress is sustained. Elimination diets may need more focused follow ups - please speak with one of the RDs to determine how often follow up would be needed. 

Couple's Session


1 Hour

Identical to a Nutrition Initial Consult

Taking on a lifestyle change as a couple can be empowering! We will work to fit both goals into the session and provide individualized plans as needed. Please see the description for the Initial Nutrition Consult for a more detailed description.   

Custom Meal Plan - Digital Only


Feeling confident in making a change but simply need some more detailed plans?

With some information and your goals, we can create a customized meal plan to help support you. We will send you a 10 minute survey to complete, clarify the goals by email, and then send you a PDF of a recommended meal plan with guidance on how to break up meals, what foods to choose most often, and how to measure all without counting calories or macros. 

Diet & Lifestyle Tune-Up


20 Minutes

Curious if your nutrition or lifestyle is still on track?

For those who are thriving with lifestyle and health but who understand that, as their goals change, their approach may need to change. If you've recently adopted a new diet or exercise regimen, we can review your current approach and provide science-based feedback to enhance your efforts. This is a highly used option for athletes, new vegetarians or vegans, or those transitioning into a different life stage. 

This can be completed by phone or in-person, based on your preference. 

Grocery Store Tours


1.5 Hours

Struggling to understand how to find the best foods in the store? Not sure if organic is worth it? Frozen or fresh? We get it. Food marketing is big business and there's a lot of noise out there with healthy labels, nutrition facts, and (sometimes) just pretty packaging that catches our eye. We will walk the grocery store with you to help you sort though the confusion and find the best - and avoid the worst - options for you and your family. 


Any ITP grocery store is an option; we like Kroger, Publix, Trader Joe's, the Dekalb Farmer's Market, Whole Foods or Sprouts. 

Speaking Engagements or Cooking Demos

Pricing is Customized 

This is a perfect option for health fairs, wellness events or expos, professional development or the classroom. We only provide science-based, evidence-backed presentations and will not endorse any product without adequate research. 


Examples of past presentation topics: fueling for athletics (or exercise/endurance/muscle gain), transitioning/adopting a plant-based diet, nutrition for health, healthy weight management, nutrition and chronic disease risks, preventing diabetes (or heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, etc.),  managing diabetes (type 1 or 2, carb counting and insulin management basics), fad diets, etc.

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