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I am only taking on a VERY limited number of private practice clients as I've taken on increased clinic hours at Emory University. As of 3/17/2022, I am not taking on new clients. You are welcome to email me to see if a spot has opened but please understand the likelihood is low at this time. You can email me at

$150 per initial session (or follow up appointments that are longer than a year apart) 
$75 per follow up session 

If you are looking for a dietitian to support you with more capacity, I suggest visiting these two pages to find a good match:

I strongly encourage you to seek out a registered and licensed dietitian as we have completed advanced degrees and clinical training to provide you with the care and guidance that works. Be wary of the term "nutritionist" as there is no requirement to have any nutrition education with that term (although someone may like that term and have the appropriate training - always ask!). 
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